I Am Kind of on a Roll

I got out here about three weeks ago and for awhile it was looking as though I was going to have a lot of trouble affording the cost of living out in this part of the world. At any rate I have been working at the bank and it was going spectacularly well. Apparently the guy that I replaced was not terribly impressive and he left a big mess, but I stay late and clear out the issues. I had to find a good web design agency to fix something for us and that was when things really broke well for me. While I was searching I came across a familiar name and I called it up just to see if she were the same girl I had known in college. She had been a year ahead of me and she had been dating this guy I lived with, along with three other random guys. I was quite happy to learn he was not in the picture, because I had my own interest in heart.

I did not mention it before I always found this girl incredibly attractive and she had known this, although girls like her probably know that normal guys want them. So it was probably fair to say she assumed that me and every other guy wanted her, because it is not much different than the models that you see in magazines. At any rate she was well able to fix the problem that I had and she gave me a big discount. So the people up the stairs really loved both of those things. I took her out to see a band and that went really great, eventually I had a place to stay and a girlfriend as well. She apparently makes a great deal of money and does not care if I share the rent or not.