Raw Organic Honey – Nectar of the Gods

Raw organic honey is as healthy as it is delectable. I tried raw organic honey one day while shopping for groceries at the neighborhood nutrition store. It didn’t look appealing from the outside of the bottle, it looked quite waxy to be honest, but I was curious as to how it would taste. We try to keep our diet as organic as possible in my house so we’re always looking for something new and interesting to add to the mix. Honey is sweet so you can’t go wrong there. It can be used to sweeten our tea or add to a peanut butter sandwich for my daughter’s school lunch, so I knew at the very least that it wouldn’t go to waste.

I always pictured honey as a healthy sweetener that is fun to have on occasion. To my knowledge, honey was healthy though possibly a little too sweet to consume in abundance. Honey is one of those things that you don’t have at the top of the list when shopping at the grocery store. You very rarely hear anyone speak about eating honey and it is certainly not advertised very much on television. You most likely will not see a grocery store special on honey this week and many young children are probably not even aware of its existence unless it’s something they simply associate with bees. Honey is not the hottest item on the market right now, so there might be a lack of awareness of its health benefits.

Allow me to start by describing the experience I had when I first opened my jar of raw organic honey. The appearance did not change much once I opened the jar, as it looked just as waxy as it did from the outside. I was guessing that this might be one of those products where the non-organic version has been so processed I might not be prepared for the real thing. I began to get a little timid about tasting the first spoonful. Will it taste as weird as it looks? My family looked on as I hesitantly scooped out a pea-size sample and smelled it before following through with the taste test. Sure enough, I did it.

Raw organic honey is the definition of God’s gift to sweetness. The flavor was out of this world and I couldn’t imagine how I would prevent myself from indulging in its goodness for the rest of the night. My family couldn’t wait to try it once they saw the look of satisfaction on my face as if I discovered new uncharted territory. Everyone loved it and I had to place it on a high shelf to prevent my daughter from eating it for dinner. I couldn’t believe the difference between your average store-bought honeys to this pure, straight-from-the-honeycomb natural blessing!

Once I became hooked, I decided it might be a good idea to learn more about the nutritional information pertaining to raw organic honey. How much is too much and what if any health benefit does it have? I loved it so much I wanted to use it in everything and I’m not just talking about food. I remembered that I used to make my own facial masks and that they included honey. I wondered what it would be like to slather it on my face; after all, you shouldn’t put anything on your face that you can’t eat. I gave it a shot. The label stated that it includes antioxidants and we ladies all know that this means it has anti-aging properties. It had the consistency of a peel-off mask as I applied it and I noticed the feeling of my pores beginning to tighten- not too shabby. I gave it a few minutes and wiped it from my face with a warm facecloth. If you want to remember what your face felt like when you were five years old, then give this technique a try. Raw organic honey is also a great natural conditioner for your hair and can be used to wash your hands due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial factors.

I looked up more information on the nutritional value of raw organic honey and found that it offers so much more than you would imagine it could. Raw organic honey contains 22 amino acids, 27 minerals and 5,000 live enzymes! Notice that I am writing about raw organic honey because it is untainted, the way nature intended. It is free of chemicals, artificial additives and pesticides. The pollen in non-organic honey is removed to help prevent granulation but this is where much of the nutritional value of honey is found.

Raw organic honey has many benefits. It contains simple carbohydrates that are easy on the blood sugar. These carbohydrates are great for energizing your muscles before working out and help muscles recuperate afterward. It eases morning sickness and sore throats. It can be applied to all sorts of abrasions to speed up the healing process including canker sores, eczema and acne. Rather than using bacitracin or hydrocortisone, go for a more natural approach! It is also recommended for application on diabetic ulcers. Raw organic honey has been known to lower bad cholesterol and reduce the chances of colon cancer.

Mixed with cinnamon this honey can provide relief for bladder infections, upset stomach, and arthritis- even something as simple as bad breath! Mixed with lemon, raw organic honey helps to reduce fat in trouble areas like our hips or love handles. It helps to transform that fat into energy, making it easier to burn off. Raw organic honey mixed with raw apple cider vinegar can relieve constipation and migraines. Mix the honey with warm raw goats milk and it will increase fertility.

Raw organic honey has phytochemicals called polyphenols which act as antioxidants. These help to protect against free radicals that contribute to aging and diseases. You will also benefit from the following vitamins when you consume this honey: niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, magnesium, copper and calcium. The quantities of ingredients vary between jars depending on the source of flowers used by the bees that make the honey.

The bee pollen found in raw organic honey is known as a whole food and is sold separately in many nutrition stores as a supplement. It is said that you could actually survive on 35 grams of bee pollen per day. This natural wonder gives you energy and works to improve libido. It regulates mood and increases cognitive function. Bee pollen stimulates your metabolism, strengthens immunity and promotes longevity.

Everything in moderation as they say, so I’m not recommending that you eat a whole jar of honey every day although it does sound good. You should limit your consumption to about one teaspoon per day, as this serving will already contain 20 grams of fructose. Keep in mind that people with allergies to bee venom might not benefit from consuming raw honey but it does help to relieve 90 percent of all other allergies. Those allergic to pollen and mold will be eating a sample of what they are allergic to and this helps to build immunity. Note that children under one year of age should not be fed honey of any kind due to the fact that they do not have a fully developed digestive tract and cannot break down its bacteria.

In general, a little a day might do wonders for your health. I choose to eat my serving right from the teaspoon because I love it so much that diluting it wouldn’t be half as much fun. I didn’t think it was possible to enjoy my raw organic honey more than I did when I took that very first taste, but every bite is twice as pleasurable now that I know what it is doing for my health.

Raw organic honey is best for you when purchased locally and many of your neighborhood nutrition stores will buy from local farmers. Visiting one of these stores may cut down on travel time for you. If you do not have a nutrition store that sells local raw organic honey and you do not have transportation to the nearest organic farm, you will most likely be able to order their products online and have it shipped. You must try raw organic honey for yourself and taste the delicious flavor and the most amazing natural sweetness. Raw organic honey can be added to your favorite foods for a great secret recipe. There are times when I will take a great recipe from Food Network and turn it into an organic version adding a little honey for extra flavor. This little treasure never spoils and can be used as a natural preservative!

Make your dishes delicious with ideas like these:

Fried Salmon steaks with honey

Glazed cupcakes with honey and orange juice

Pancakes with honey rather than syrup

Honey sweetened cornbread

Honey can replace sugar in your pasta sauce. Throw in a little organic coconut oil and everyone will want your secret recipe!