Really Enjoying My New Loft Office in Our New Apartment

My wife wanted to move as soon as our lease was up on the old place. I asked if we could get a place with a nice place for me to work from home. She wanted a room to make into a work and reading room, and I like a high perch to work. I write, and I used to have a loft studio where I would write. When we were looking for apartments in Taylorsville, my wife found a place with a second-story loft, two bedrooms and one bathroom. It was perfect for us!

I could not wait to put my desk and things up in the loft area at the top of the stairs. The stairwell was open to the dining room below. Next to the loft was a furnace and storage room. We had this big space to store all of our things we used to put into a storage rental place. We took the savings in that and applied it to the rent to get the apartment with two bedrooms and the loft. My wife is a genius in planning a budget with our income to cover everything from housing to groceries to our retirement. I like it just being free to write to bring in an income. I really did not want my wife to have to work, but she does work a part time job. She enjoys her freedom to work on her projects too. She has an online business in selling a product she makes at home in the bedroom she converted into her office and work space.

Our apartment is really nice with a gray kitchen color that I really like. We have a skylight, vaulted ceilings, our cat is permitted to be with us, and we even have a fireplace. I think it is really cool that they also have a FireAvert plug connected to the electric range. When it hears the sound of a smoke detector, it cuts the power to the stove just in case it is something on the stove overheating.