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Benefits Offered by a Dropship Plugin

A dropship plugin is meant for drop ship store owners who want a simple and effective way of streamlining their inventory and ordering system. It may come in a number of versions and you can choose whichever best fits your needs. Definitely, it has to be compatible with your chosen CMS too.

Using a dropship plugin offers several advantages, including:

Import ability

You can simply click any product you find on your online retail website and it will be instantly imported – a quick and simple way to set up a store indeed. You can skip copying text and pictures over and let the plugin do it for you.

Automatic Price Markup

A dropship plugin comes with a feature that lets you set up a markup %, which means that if your suppliers change their prices, your selling price will automatically adjust as necessary. In addition, the plugin will work with your suppliers inventory so you dont sell anything that is out-of-stock at any particular time.

Adjustable Currency

A dropship plugin allows you to publish a price for every IP location so you can use psychological strategies that discreetly influence people to buy – for example, not rounding off prices to the nearest dollar.

Shipping Options According to Product

The costs of shipping products vary according to such factors like size, weight, and destination. Therefore, a plugin that allows you to structure shipping options by product is not only helpful but quite crucial to your bottom line.

Payment Gateway

A dropship plugin lets your customers choose from a range of payment processors, like PayPal, PayU, 2Checkout, etc.

Abandoned Cart

Your dropship pluginautomatically sends emails to site visitors who fail to complete their transaction but have provided their personal information beforehand.

Cashback Treat

With a dropship plugin, you will be able to claim up to 12% in cashback for all items youve bought at the online retail website youve partnered with. In the plugin, there will be a small box where you input this code, and every time you place an order, as much as 12% of your money is returned as your referral fee.

One-Click Automatic Ordering System

And here starts the paradox. Soon, your dropship store will get busy, and your responsibilities will grow bigger too, which seems antithetical to your reasons for getting into drop shipping in the first place – to enjoy more free time! Dont worry, a dropship plugin only needs you to click one button, and all of your orders, including all the required information, will be brought over to your preferred online retail website where they are processed as soon as they are received.

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