Raw Bee Pollen: Is It Better for You?

Let’s face it. When people talk about eating raw fruits and vegetables, they are simply trying to tell you that raw is better.


Raw fruits and vegetables are loaded with all of their nutrients because they haven’t been cooked or processed. So, in order to get the most benefit from pollen, wouldn’t we want to consume raw bee pollen?

About Raw Pollen

Okay, so we know that raw fruits and vegetables are better because they are in their natural form and have all of their original nutrients.

In theory, it sounds like that would apply to pollen as well, but it doesn’t. Pollen is nutrient dense and it has been somewhat altered by the bee upon its collection.

When a bee gathers their pollen, they mix it with their nectar to bind it together, and this gives it a harder outer shell. This shell is what makes it difficult for the human body to digest it, so in this sense raw pollen isn’t better.

How is Raw Pollen Sold?

Generally, raw pollen is sold in granule form and it’s packaged in bags and bottles in order to keep it fresh and to prevent it from being contaminated. When pollen is collected it is somewhat moist and if it isn’t gathered and processed properly then it can grow mold and turn it into pollen that simply isn’t safe for consumption at all.

When raw pollen is packaged in plastic bags this makes it easier to become molded and contaminated. Bottles are a better option because they are airtight, which means that the air won’t get to it and cause it to mold. Airtight containers also mean that the chance of contamination is limited, and it is shipped much easier than it would be in bags that could break and create more moisture.

Raw Pollen vs Capsules

So, when it comes to raw pollen, does this mean that granules aren’t really better? Granules themselves cannot be broken down by the human body and digested. Why buy it then? There isn’t any reason to unless you just want to try it and see if you feel any different.

Many who try it claim that they do feel different or that they feel better, but you lose about half of its effectiveness when you use it. Going forward it might be wise to purchase pollen in tablet or capsule form so that you know you are getting not only clean pollen, but pollen that is sealed in an airtight container.

Trying to dissolve pollen in hot tea is still going to make it difficult to get all the benefits, so don’t try to use something that still may not work. Be sure that you do your research before you buy so that you know what you are getting and how it will help you.

Why Organic Body Care Products?

It is now a well-established scientific fact that continued exposure to a wide range of synthetic chemicals leads to detectable accumulations in body tissue. These chemicals include hormones, preservatives, pesticides, artificial fertilizers and antibiotics – the list is extensive. Many of these chemicals enter our bodies from the foods that we eat, particularly if that food has been mass-produced.

If we accept the principle of trying to avoid synthetic chemicals in our lives, surely it makes sense for us to try and use organic body care products wherever possible.

Other chemicals enter our bodies either through the air that we breathe or through our skin. We all know of the health risks associated with tobacco smoking, but it is a good illustration of how potent chemicals, in this case nicotine, can pass from inhaled air into our blood steam and hence throughout the body.

It used to be thought that our skin was impervious and that no chemical substances could penetrate it and enter the body. This is now known not to be the case and skin patches containing nicotine and hormones are routinely used as an effective means of delivering these drugs into the body. It’s not just medicines that can be absorbed – it is estimated that up to 60% of any chemical that comes into contact with the skin may be absorbed into our bodies.

Since we now know that chemicals applied to the skin can be absorbed into the body, doesn’t it make sense to examine just what we are putting onto ourselves? To find out more, we need to understand some of the basics behind organic personal care products.

Herbs and herbal infusions

Depending on the formulation these can form a substantial part of a product. A key ingredient in many organic skin care products is organic Aloe Vera juice, well known for its soothing and calming properties. Herbs are chosen for their particular properties, whether they be soothing, cleansing, astringent or whatever. Ideally, they are either certified organically grown or are wild-crafted from ecologically maintained stable environments. However, on occasion, it is almost impossible to locate an organic or wild-crafted source and non-certified plants must be used – an example is Water Lily extract.

Oils and Waxes

Many different plant oils are used in organic body care products and, just as with the herbs, the vast majority should be certified organic. Examples include Palm Kernel oil, Olive oil, Almond oil, Sunflower oil and Hemp seed oil. Certified organic Bees Wax may also be used in products which need to be water resistant. Some oils are obtained from wild-crafted sources which are carefully monitored to ensure that plants are harvested in a manner that is sustainable and which does not harm the environment.

Fragrances and Scents

The fragrances found in most good organic body care products come from herbal infusions, floral waters and essential oils. Herbal infusions should be made using certified organic herbs and pure spring water – nothing else.

The floral waters used are ideally obtained through the distillation of certified organic flowers. These are true floral waters made using 1kg of herb to 1ltr of pure water, not weak infusions or fragrance added to water! Essential oils should normally be certified organic except where they are not available – an example is Myrrh.

Compare these ingredients with the anonymous scents listed by most manufacturers under the blanket name of ‘Parfum’.


Any personal care product that contains both water based and oil based ingredients must also contain an emulsifier. It is the emulsifier that enables these two normally repellent ingredients to mix together to form a cream or lotion. Without using an emulsifier, creams and lotions would separate into their different ingredients in much the same way as French Salad Dressing does when allowed to stand.

There are many different emulsifiers in use today. Some are very mild in action and also mild on the skin, whilst others are more powerful and may be more irritant. Some are extracted from natural plant sources whilst others are synthetically produced. The emulsifiers used by good organic skin care companies are all extracted from plant oils such as coconut, palm kernel and olive oil. These should be mild in action and have no record of causing skin irritation. They cost more to use than some of the more powerful, synthetic emulsifiers but we believe they are worth the extra cost.

At the time of writing, none of the emulsifiers available on the market is certified organic, but we are hopeful that this may change in the future with the introduction of new ingredients.


These are used to enable products to produce foam and to have a cleansing action. They are sometimes called ‘foaming agents’ and are found in all shampoos, shower gels, bubble baths, etc. As with emulsifiers, surfactants can be mild or strong, gentle or aggressive and from natural sources or synthetic.

Once again, organic body care companies should only use surfactants extracted from natural plant material, and choose those which are known to be mild and gentle. Examples of the surfactants we use are Cocamidopropyl betaine, extracted from Coconut oil, and Decyl glucoside, which is extracted from corn.

Unfortunately, at the present time no certified organic surfactants are available for use.


Any personal care product containing the range of ingredients described above has the potential to support the growth of bacteria, fungi and moulds, and can also deteriorate through the process of oxidation. Responsible manufacturers must therefore look for ways to ensure that such contamination and deterioration does not take place during the expected life of the product. Some High Street brands achieve this by using preservatives which have been linked to the formation of formaldehyde, a known irritant and carcinogen. Others use high levels of ethanol (alcohol) which has been shown to have a drying effect on the skin in long term use.

One UK organic body care company has found that by using a range of plant extracts taken from citrus seeds, rosemary and myrrh resin in combination with tiny amounts of a food grade preservatives such as Sodium benzoate and Potassium sorbate, it is able to achieve good product stability and safety whilst minimising exposure to synthetic chemicals.

Occasionally, in formulations with particularly high levels of organic ingredients, a stronger preservative may be required in which case a tiny amount of Phenoxyethanol may be used. Although this is a synthetic ingredient, it has an excellent safety record and is very well tolerated. It is also on the list of permitted preservatives for use in cosmetics certified as organic by the Soil Association, and is approved under the Nordic Swan mark scheme that measures the environmental and health impact of cosmetic ingredients.

Research is continuing into this area in the hope that one day it may be able to avoid the use of all non-plant sourced preservatives.

Bee Pollen Organic Supplements – The Best and the Purest Of the Supplements Out There

You must have heard about the benefits of bee pollen organic supplements. People have been making use of them since quite a long time now. The foremost reason of using these supplements nowadays is the lack of nutrients in the food we eat. Our diets are not so nutritious and healthy any more. Thus, by making using of these health supplements, you can ensure that you are acquiring all the essential nutrients.

More about the nutrients in bee pollen organic and their benefits to our body

Bee pollen organic comes from those plants which are free from chemicals and toxins. Pesticides and insecticides are rarely used on these plants and as a result, they are clean and protected from contamination. These supplements contain numerous nutrients. A few examples of these nutrients are proteins, enzymes, amino acids, potassium, magnesium, minerals and vitamins. We all know that vitamins make our bones stronger and proteins are essential for keeping the muscles healthy and strong. By using these supplements, you can increase your energy levels as a whole. This is different from the energy levels we obtain from an ordinary energy drink. Ask yourself; what does an energy drink contain? It contains high amount of sugar and caffeine. Although you would feel a boost in your energy levels for a short time period, your overall health might deteriorate! What would you prefer to use now, a bee pollen organic supplement or an energy drink?

You would be glad to know that bee pollen organic supplements are also beneficial for the condition of our brain

They help us in improving our mental health conditions. Depression, anxiety and mood swings can be reduced by their use and you can experience an improvement in your memory. Moreover, children can also make use of them in order to increase their IQ levels.

Another benefit of bee pollen organic supplements is that they help in reducing weight

Weight gains and obesity are worrisome problems indeed. They not only distort the figure of a person but can also lead to heart problems! It is important that we maintain our weight cautiously. Bee pollen organic can be used here because it helps the body in getting rid of the extra fats. Also, it helps in reducing a person’s appetite.

Look for originality and purity

These supplements work best in their purest form and this is why the quality of a supplement is so vital in order to experience maximum benefits. When you go out to select a best quality supplement, make sure to keep a few things in mind. It is a good idea to find out the origin of these supplements. Once you know about the place where they have been manufactured, half of your worries regarding their quality will be wiped out. A clean, pristine place like New Zealand is a wonderful location for producing best quality supplements. Bee pollen organic which comes from a country like New Zealand will be pure and free from impurities and contamination.

Check out the ingredients which have been used in manufacturing the supplement. Avoid all those supplements in which artificial nutrients and contents have been used. This is because these supplements will not be fresh and original.

Find out whether the supplement that you have selected contains the Certificate of Analysis-COA

COA is awarded to supreme-quality products with best manufacturing techniques. It draws a line between good quality and inferior quality.

So are you willing to use a good quality bee pollen organic supplement? Now that you are aware of their benefits as well as the methods to ensure their quality, finding out good quality supplements will not be a problem for you! So why don’t you go ahead and start using them now? I am sure that their use will create a difference in your life and you will be healthier than you were before.

Bee Pollen, Refrigerate or Not – Find Out More

When you purchase raw bee pollen, should you refrigerate it or not? How long will it keep? Can you store it in a cupboard?

One thing that can damage the raw pollen is oxidation. Thus, with this in mind, it is highly advisable that it be kept refrigerated in order to preserve it’s quality and nutritional value. Also, it should be kept in a sealed container or bag that keeps out the light and air to avoid spoilage.

Depending on how fresh and pure the substance is, it should keep for up to a couple of years. Another factor that can determine how long the product keeps is how it was dried when collected.

There are two basic methods for drying fresh pollen. One is to use a heat drying method. However, this particular method can destroy the nutritional content in the product. The other method is a freeze drying method. This method keeps the nutritional value of the substance.

If at all possible, try to find out whether or not the pollen you purchase was freeze dried or heat dried. So, in order for your bee pollen to last as long as possible the freshest it is the longer it will last.

Other Methods Of Consuming This Substance

Besides the raw granules, there are other methods of consuming this substance. One is to consume it in a liquid form, which is not too popular yet.

Another method is to consume the substance in capsule form. There are many different brands on the market these days. Again, the method of drying the substance is important to the quality of the product.

The better supplement capsules will be combined with specific enzymes that are meant to help our body digest the nutrients found in the bee pollen.

Benefits of Consuming This Natural Substance?

For a supplement to be popular and effective it must provide some benefits. One of the main benefits of this amazing natural substance is that it can provide a natural boost of energy without the side effects of a caffeinated beverage.

Another benefit is that it acts as an appetite suppressant, which can be beneficial to people looking to lose weight. Although, it should not be considered a weight loss supplement or diet pill. It should be used in conjunction with a regular weight loss program.

In conclusion, when it comes to raw bee pollen, refrigerate it in order to keep it fresh. Otherwise, it can go bad. For the supplement capsules, follow the directions on the label in order to keep fresh.

How to Have a Great Green Organic Christmas

How can you make a positive green impact on the earths’ environment this Christmas?

As always, it is very easy to go green, and Christmas Preparations need not disrupt your regular clean green home practices. Choosing a live, uncut tree is obvious, but what else can a person do to make this years’ family Christmas holiday natural, green & non toxic?
Well, it turns out there are tons of green ways to create a Green, Beautiful, Safe, All Natural Organic Christmas for your green familys’ Holiday Celebrations. No need to spend more, no extra trouble. It’s really just all about making simple alternative choices; just like how you do the whole rest of the eco friendly year!

(1) Buy the new highly energy LED efficient Christmas lights for your Christmas tree & decorated displays, indoor & out.

(2) Instead of buying toxic filled ornaments & decorations from a box store that gets its’ products from third world manufacturers with little or no conscience; Make your own hand made Christmas tree ornaments out of organic cloth, wood, paper and other natural materials. The kids will love making their very own special green Christmas ornaments. If you are too time stressed to include that project, there are lots of organic Christmas Ornaments available for sale these days, so Choose those when you are buying your decorations.

(3) Use recycled paper, gift bags or even colorful cloth to wrap the Christmas presents and instead of tape, use colorful yarn to tie up the gift.

(4) Make a green statement! Send a message to the manufacturers of consumer goods by shopping for & buying only natural, non toxic, eco friendly, organic gifts this year. It is really, really, easy these days as there are hundreds of online websites filled with great green, organic, all natural gifts from all over the world. Below is a list of some excellent organic gift ideas that are on easy to buy in 2008:

Organic Towel Set, Organic Bath & Body Gift Basket, Natural Botanical Print, Organic Music Box Plush Bear, Organic Chocolate Hamper, Vegetable Dyed Organic table Linen, Organic Clothes, Vegetable dyed Natural Fiber Area Rugs, Natural Quartz Crystal Lamp, Air Filter Ionizer, Organically Grown Food, Wine & Baked Treats, Organic maple Syrup from Canada, Deluxe Organic Bedding & Sheet Sets, Wooden & Recycled Toys, Eco Adventure Vacation, Artisans Jewelery Made from Organic Stone, Wood or Natural Metal, Organic Tote/Shopping Bag Set of 6 for Green Grocery Shopping

(5) To prepare for your holiday feast, order an organically raised turkey or ham for your Christmas Dinner and get all your vegies, nuts, fruits, breads, candy & Christmas baking from an organic whole food store or local farmers market. This is WAY more fun than pushing still another steel cart around your usual enormous, crowded grocery store under fluorescent lights. Buy organic ingredients to do your own Christmas baking. Home made organic Christmas cookies are a much loved gift.

(6) Buy organic bees wax candles, they will be safe & non toxic while burning at your Christmas Social events. A great many of the commercial cheap candles you buy in big stores contain lead, a very toxic metal, as well as toxic perfumes & fragrances that can make everyone feel ill & the kids get hyper. Believe me, it’s true! The bees wax candles smell wonderful, last a long time and support the honey bee industry, which supports the whole botanical population on earth. WHEW!

(7) Over the holiday, Slow Down and take a hike or walk with your family & close buddies; celebrate the natural cycles & scenic vistas of the earth by paying close attention to places where the earths’ incredible power & beauty are expressed. Beaches, deserts, mountain tops, forests, lakes, gardens, meadows, streams, canyons, plains, & plateaus are just a few of the places where you can reconnect with the earths natural beauty & love. It is so important to teach your children how to do this, so go ahead & just do this for them.

You can more than likely think up a dozen more ways to bring the GREEN LIVING into the Christmas holiday scene at your place. It’s kind of fun to be creative and think up funny green things to do as well as the serious highly effective ones. So go ahead and just throw yourself & your whole family into the green swing of things this holiday Season.

Have a Merry Green Christmas & Wonderful Earth Friendly Holidays!
And God Bless

Every Day Healthy Recipes With Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen Recipes

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have simple, every day healthy recipes that you could use without having to sacrifice your time and bank account?

Now you can when you utilize easy recipes with bee pollen. Pollen is a complete super food loaded with vitamins and minerals, so adding it to simple recipes will help you start your day off right, and give you energy to make it through the day without a million cups of coffee!

Easy Methods of Adding Bee Pollen to Your Breakfast!

Working pollen into your breakfast meal each day will help you get your day off to a great start.

Adding bee pollen to smoothies or shakes is the easiest way to do this, so if you have a blender get at it! Just grab your favorite fruit that is solid like an apple or orange, because it will produce pure juice.

Then put it through a juicer. Juicing your fruit is the only way to get pure juice without heaps of sugar in it. Juicing fruit in your home is also the only way to ensure that you are consuming the nutrients.

Bottled juices that you buy at the store, even those that are organic are not loaded with the nutrients that you think they contain.

Once juice has been extracted from the fruit, it will begin to lose its potency after 20 minutes. This may be shocking to some of you but it’s true. This is why pure juice that you can make in your own is so vital to your health, because in its raw form it is extremely powerful.

Adding pollen to pure juice will help you feel so good, and begin getting you to a true path of health. Drinking down a powerful smoothies or shake like this first thing in the morning will give you the energy you need so that you can make it through your day without caffeine hour after hour.

Healthy Lunches and Dinner Recipes With Bee Pollen

Lunch time can also be a good time to make a smoothie or shake using pollen. Those who own their business and are always on the go know what I am talking about.

The busy hour of the day means that you might have less time for yourself for lunch, so having something that you can take at your disposable and make quickly will keep you on a balanced, healthy diet.

The bee pollen recipes are not limited to shakes and smoothies though; pollen is easy to incorporate into salad dressings as well. The healthiest salad dressings incorporate apple cider vinegar, olive oil and some pollen granules.

Other herbs like tarragon, basil, and parsley can all be mixed together as well depending upon the flavors that you wish to infuse. To add some tang you can certainly add a little fresh squeezed lemon into it.

These ingredients can also be used for dinner salads, and the pollen can even be sprinkled on the salad as well if you don’t wish to mix it into your dressings.

There are some who have even sprinkled it onto ice cream, but that defeats the purpose of healthy!

Pollen granules can be eaten right from the spoon too, but what fun is that?

In conclusion, you can find easy ways to add pollen to your diet when making smoothies, shakes, salad dressings or even sprinkling pollen onto your cereal.

If it is this easy, why not use it each day?

Check out our Raw Organic Bee Pollen guide, for more information about the best natural bee pollen in the world.

Honey – The Difference Between Organic and Conventional

This sweet glistening liquid is found in most Australian cupboards. Most people have often wondered what the difference is between conventional and organic honey. Here are a few facts that may open your eyes about this ancient commodity.

Conventional Honey
Short supply of honey in Australia means honey packaged under an Australian brand does not mean it has been produced here (and often not clear on the labelling). There is concern of the fact that imported honey is produced in genetically engineered crops (Argentina is a major producer of GE canola and other flowering GE crops). GE crops in Australia pose a threat to both conventional and organic honey production. Using antibiotics in bee keeping is common to treat disease and chemical bee repellents are used. Heat treating is also common in conventional honey production and there is no limit on the temperature to which honey can be exposed. Supermarket’s do not like honey crystallising on the shelves although this a natural occurrence and a good sign that it’s untainted, we often think when honey crystallises it has gone off. Heat treating keeps the honey clear and runny and destroys some of the delicate anti-oxidants and enzymes that are naturally present in honey.

Organic Honey
Certified Organic beekeepers are required to ensure their hives are a safe distance from anything that can contaminate the honey, such as garbage dumps, livestock watering troughs, urban areas, golf courses, conventional orchards and crops, and GE crops. Although bees don’t require feeding, in bad conditions (particularly cold periods), some feeding using organic sugar or sugar syrup is used. No chemical bee repellents are used, but natural methods (such as burning leaf litter). Unlike conventional bees, organic bees are unable to be treated with antibiotics or other conventional veterinary methods. Heat treatment of organic honey cannot exceed 45 degrees C.

Health Benefits
Apart from having a superior flavour, organic honey oozes a range of health benefits. A carbohydrate, it provides energy at a reasonable steady rate with a glycaemic index (GI) rating in the moderate range. Nutritionally superior to sugar, honey contains enzymes, vitamins, minerals and free radical antioxidants.

Bee Pollen: Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty Granules

Let’s face it, with all the health problems that we have in the world we could all be using something better than we are right now. Pollen has slowly been making waves in the medical community, both good and bad.

Organic bee pollen granules are being referred to as the best source available when it comes to using pollen as a part of your daily diet, because they contain every nutrient that is essential for the human body to function at its optimal level.

How do we know that the granules are truly organic?

Know the Truth About Organic Bee Pollen Granules

Organic pollen granulesare easy to find as they grace the shelves of health food stores everywhere, but how do we know that these brands are truly organic?

While bee keepers can’t really control where their bees gather their pollen, the term “organic” means that the pollen isn’t processed as we think of processed foods. This precious commodity is carefully harvested by the bees, and carried back to their hives on the back of their legs.

The pollen is collected from the male stamen of flowering plants, so when plants are treated with chemicals like pesticides or insecticides it can take away the “organic” label as well.

There is one exception to this: Xtend-Life’s Organic Bee Pollen Granules! These high quality organic granules are carefully created by gathering the pollen once the worker bees are done then injecting the pollen with an enzyme blend.

The pollen is then combined with the nectar that is carried on the bee’s legs and body in order to create the final organic product.

Bee Propolis Helps to Create Organic Bee Pollen Granules

Bee Propolis is a harvested product along with pollen that has antibacterial effects and also helps to reduce the moisture in the pollen. This is how the pollen stays fresh; these bees work so hard for us!

It is amazing that the bees work so long in the course of the day and that they work so hard for what little they get. This is why pollen is so precious and great care should be taken to preserve it and make it available to everyone for good health.

It is a known fact that one of the purest sources of pollen is Xtend-Life, because it is harvested in New Zealand. New Zealand has the lowest pollution rate of any country in the world, so Xtend-Life is the true source to trust for organic pollen granules. These pollen granules can help to restore your energy and many other things, and best of all extend your life!

In conclusion, we know that pollen is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, but we also know that not all pollen is created equal. When in doubt, go for Xtend-Life organic bee pollen granules and Xtend your life today!

But Before You Go Any Buy Any Pollen Supplement, Check Out My Tips and Tricks On Buying Bee Pollen Online

Bee Pollen: Have You Purchased Your Capsules Today?

What You Need To Know About Bee Pollen Capsules

It’s unbelievable, but true that there are so many variations of pollen products on the market today.

There are just as many brands of bee pollen capsules as there are forms of pollen, and unfortunately they are not all created equal.

There are several different brands on the market so it makes it difficult to choose which one is the right one.

How do we know which brand of pollen is better?

Choosing Your Bee Pollen Capsules Wisely

When it comes to pollen you have to do a little research upfront. Not all pollen is created equal, meaning that it doesn’t come from the same place.

Sure, all flowers have pollen, and other flowering plants that aren’t really considered flowers have pollen too.

The challenge with pollen is when the beekeepers start calling it organic pollen because they have no way to prove it.

Organic is an easy label to slap on just about anything, but the truth is that with so much pollution in the United States, China, and other countries, organic pollen doesn’t exist; unless of course you get it from New Zealand.

Let me explain.

New Zealand is the only country known to have virtually no pollution, and the farming standards are organic.

This means that the use of pesticides and insecticides is outlawed, and that anything coming out of New Zealand is safe to ingest.

When gardeners and farmers spray their plants with pesticides and insecticides, it taints the plants as well as the pollen that is in those plants. When the bees gather that pollen, they have no way of knowing whether or not it has been sprayed with chemicals or anything else for that matter. The beekeepers are in the same boat as they cannot truly claim that they know where the bees are collecting their pollen.

The bees could travel for miles to gather their pollen, meaning that they could be collecting it from plants that are tainted with chemicals.

When the pollen is manufactured, chemicals can also be added which means that the pollen would no longer be organic, but would be processed.

In New Zealand, the country runs their pollen processing under the GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices.

This ensures that all pollen is collected from organically farmed fields, and the entire manufacturing process is done in a manner that suggests only the purest and cleanest pollen is being put into the capsules.

The process is nothing short of being policed, and is the best manufacturing method known in the world.

Why You Should By Your Capsules from Xtend-Life

Those of you who have never heard of Xtend-Life bee pollen capsules should become familiar with it. Xtend-Life is a product that receives all of its pollen from New Zealand, and therefore any by products are also made with pollen from New Zealand.

This is great news for those who want to try more than just pollen, but also wish to try skin care products as well.

The best part about this pollen is that it is so potent, that many use it for everything from weight loss to relief from their arthritis.

The Total Balance supplement is the hub of the wheel, giving many users relief from a mid-afternoon slump, increased energy without the jitters, relief from allergies, arthritis, a controlled appetite, and an enhanced feeling of satiety.

It is a known fact that pollen is loaded with vitamin B 12, which in turn boosts the metabolism, which in turn increases our energy level and helps us burn up calories. This is why so many who use it experience more energy and weight loss. Total Balance was designed to be taken on an empty stomach so that it could be taken after lunch but well before dinner.

Those who use the Xtend-Life product know the difference that it can make, and those who can now go without coffee in the afternoon have a deep appreciation for it as well.

Xtend-Life doesn’t have any caffeine or other harmful substances in it. Anything that changes who you are probably isn’t good for you anyhow.

Natural is always better within reason, and pollen should be seriously considered by anyone who is looking to increase their overall health.

Do you doubt as to whether or not you deserve the best bee pollen on the earth?

I don’t think that you should, and once you use Xtend-Life, the whole bee pollen from New Zealand, you will never regret it.

You can now take what you spend on coffee each month and use it to purchase bee pollen instead from New Zealand to enhance the quality of your health and well-being.

You will bee so glad you did!

Learn more about the amazing uses of bee pollen granules now.