Organic Bee Pollen – The World’s Most Nutritious Food

Like bee pollens, organic bee pollen granules also contain the highest nutritional ingredients in the world. This substance is responsible for boosting energy levels. In addition, organic granules also contain vitamins and minerals to strengthen our immune system and sharpen our mind. Other than that, there are many other benefits that you will get from this nutritional food.

These days, most foods are not that nutritious because of the preservatives and process chemicals added to it. And because of the hectic lifestyle, people are lazy in preparing their meals. They want”instant” foods to eat. As such, they have no idea that these foods contain harmful chemicals and may lead to serious ailments such as cancer and cardiac arrest. As long as they’re enjoying what they eat, they don’t care about their health.

On the other hand, organic bee pollen granules are foods found in New Zealand. These are foods that grown without using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. More importantly, these places are far from polluted environment. Since people are demanding for organic foods, organic granules are best options.


As the world’s most nutritious foods, bee pollen granules helps in manifesting the over all youthfulness of individuals. And because these foods contain all the ingredients needed to survive in life, bee pollen is considered as nature’s perfect and complete food.

Another benefit of bee pollen is that it lowers the aging process of an individual. This is because of the factor and helps in cell rejuvenation which is found in this said food. Try to observe Hollywood stars. They look younger because they’re taking dozens of supplements. Studies also proved that children who eat bee pollen are more intelligent than those who are not.

In spite of everything, bee pollen normalizes the nutrition inside the body. Once you keep on eating organic granules, your metabolism goes slow and normalizes your weight. As we all know, overweight is caused by overactive metabolism that continuously flushing and burning the nutrients inside the body. In this case, the nutrients from the food you eat were easily digested and cause overweight.

After all, organic bee pollen granules are also effective in lowering cholesterol level as it increases the amount of HDL and decreases the amount of LDL. Bee pollen has a huge benefit in sexual life. It increases the sperm count for men and reduce reproductive organ discomfort for women.

Choosing variants can a difficult thing. There are reported cases of side effects due to the use of certain brands. It could be better if you do a little research first before choosing one. Safety should be the first thing that you should put into consideration. you can also ask for professional advice if needed.

11 Positive Benefits of Being Organized in Your Life

Many people are disorganized when it comes to all the aspects of their life. For many people, it’s not uncommon to always focus on this disorganization. However, if you want to get organized, you must quit thinking negatively and find ways that will help you become more organized.

Before you can find and implement those ways to be organized, you must understand the positive benefits to being this way. What kinds of benefits are there for being more organized in your life? You’ll be surprised to know that there are at least 11 benefits to becoming more organized. These benefits include:

– Ability to find what you need quickly

– Always being relieved because you can find what you need quickly

– Being calm because you’re not searching for an item

– Being happy that you don’t have to search for the item

– Being organized can remove an unseen weight off your shoulders

– You can breathe a sigh of relief because you’re not overwhelmed with clutter

– You can focus on other things besides the clutter

– You can invite visitors to your home

– You can move about in the space you now have without feeling trapped by clutter

– You have more space in your home for more of the needed items

– You have some sense of control over your space and home

– You’re not wasting time looking for your item through all the clutter

Now the benefits people feel will vary but, as you can see, there are several positive benefits to de-cluttering your life and getting organized. It doesn’t take much to get your home in order… just a little time and some patience and you can be organized.

Contents Of Organic Royal Jelly And Why Is It Imperative

Have you ever seen organic royal jelly? This white, gelatinous substance is a secretion of worker bees. It is precious food for the queen bee and her hatched larvae. This natural substance is very nutritious and contains many vitamins, amino acids, minerals and fatty acids. Its alternative name is bee’s milk. Consistent users of bee’s milk claims that it boosts their vitality and heals their mild diseases. Those who have chronic diseases like cancer use royal jelly to alleviate symptoms of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

It is true that the jelly’s healing powers are not approved or disapproved by most health and food associations. This implies that the studies on the claimed powers of bee’s milk are still going on. One thing you can be sure of is that organic royal jelly is full of nutrients. This is because of its natural form. It is harvested from the hive and sold as it appears. If you truly want to get first-hand benefits of this bee product, get the organic form.

This has absolutely zero chemicals or additives. It comes straight from the maxillary and gullet glands of worker bees. Consuming any holistic cure in its natural condition is always recommended. If you eat royal jelly in its organic form, you will enjoy many benefits. One of these benefits is the ability to live longer. People believe that when they eat bee’s milk they could live longer just like the queen bee. Since queens are fed this substance every day, their lifespan is about five to six years.

They produce eggs throughout their lifespan and still remain the heaviest and biggest bees in a beehive. Another benefit of eating organic bee’s milk rather than encapsulated powder is that it is not processed. Capsules contain dried royal jelly. In the process of drying it, some of the most imperative nutrients are lost. Those who eat natural pastes are in a better position to gain every nutrient that is found in royal jelly. Consequently, they consist of B complex vitamins, thirteen percent protein, fifteen percent carbohydrates and six percent fatty acids and lipids.

In addition one can get high amount of pantothenic acid from organic bee’s milk. It contains vitamin C, calcium, iron, copper, potassium, silicon, and sulfur among other minerals too. It also has hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. The jelly’s concentration of amino acids is among the highest. People who have diseases of the liver, kidneys, stomach, pancreas and blood can use this bee substance as a holistic cure. Because of its antiseptic, antioxidant and antibacterial properties, royal jelly is the best cure for wounds.

It can heal wounds of all types naturally and quickly than most of you can expect. This is also the best solution for bad skin. Some people prefer to buy royal jelly creams and lotions for their skin. These are applied topically so as to remove wrinkles and other blemishes quickly. If you get into a habit of eating organic royal jelly, it will heal your skin from inside. Joint and bone diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis can also be healed by this natural bee product.

Bee Pollen Benefits

Bee pollen is a great source of nutrition and energy in our world today. As humans, we use many products that bees make, but most people aren’t aware of the benefits of bee pollen. Historically, humans have used pollen from bees since ancient times. In recent years, studies have shown that when giving laboratory mice nothing but bee pollen as a food source, the mice have thrived for many generations. So it’s more than just an old accepted fact – there is something to this than has kept humans using it for centuries.

Bee pollen comes from the pollen that collects on the bees body while it is our collecting either pollen or nectar for the hive. As it collects pollen in particular, the worker bee will lick the pollen off of it’s body and into a cavity on it’s hind leg known as a pollen basket. There, special enzymes stop the pollen from naturally sprouting over time. This bee product has been described as chalky tasting, but many studies have found it to be full of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals – every source of nutrition a body could need. In the hive, it is is a source of nutrients collected for the colony members.

Many people boast the powers of bee pollen. Because of the nutrients sound in the pollen, people who use it have said that they use it to help them with weight loss, to give them a boost in energy and mood, to help the immune system, and help to fight against allergies. To get the most bee pollen benefits, you will want to purchase organic bee pollen, as environmental toxins can effect the product.

For best results, you may want to try out a local farmer if they harvest pollen from bees, as the local plant pollen may help with any allergies you have to pollen. Good quality pollen should have many colors to it, as the bee collects pollen from various plants as it moves along. Colors would include red, orange, yellow, and various shades in between. A lot should be taken in order to get the best effect, as pollen has an indigestible husk, so to get the nutrients, you’ll have to take quite a bit. And remember, there is the chance of having an adverse reaction, particularly if you are allergic to bees, so be wary of signs of allergic reaction such as scratchy throat or wheezing.

Bee Pollen Granules: Are They Better?

Have you ever wondered if bee pollen granules are really better than taking capsules? There are mixed feelings behind why granules may be better, but many feel this way because most foods are healthier in their raw form. Fruits and vegetables are better in their raw form because cooking them at high heat draws out the nutrients, but when it comes to pollen there may be a reason why raw granules won’t work.

Raw Pollen Granules and the Challenge

Scientific research has shown us that pollen gathered by bees is extremely nutrient dense, and although it is good for you it may be too difficult to digest in raw form. Pollen is great for the human body, but the challenge is that the body can only digest it to a certain extent. In fact, the human body cannot break it down for digestion properly, so how do we fix this?

We know that there are particular digestive enzymes that are beneficial to the body when the gallbladder has been removed or when the liver isn’t functioning at its highest level. The way to encourage the body to digest pollen might be to add these digestive enzymes.

Capsules vs. Raw Pollen Granules

Because we know that digestive enzymes can easily be added to the pollen and then put into the capsules, why are people still buying granules? The answer is easy: it’s simply a matter of opinion where pollen is concerned.

Some are still of the opinion that raw granules are best because they are the most natural form of pollen. We know that pollen is hard for the body to break down and digest which means we need to find a way to make sure that people can take it and use it.

There is also a theory that asks why not just mix the granules with the digestive enzymes? In theory this sounds great too, but the challenge is that the enzymes need something to make them adhere to the granules. Using any chemical coating will ruin the granules, which nullifies the benefits of using the pollen.

Granules and Pollution

When discussing the health benefits of using granules over capsules or vice versa, we need to remember that when pollen is being gathered in high industry countries that it is subject to pollution. The United States and China are high industry countries so any granules processed in the United States and China will be tainted. Although there are some organic bee farms, the farmers cannot control where bees gather the pollen, because they can fly up to several hundred miles to gather pollen before they return to the hive.

There will always be much debate when it comes to pollen and what is best, but just remember some of the best bee pollen capsules are known to come out of New Zealand.

But before you go buy any Bee Pollen Supplements, you should know what to look for in a high quality supplement, visit my page on New Zealand Bee Pollen to learn more.

A Guide To The Benefits of Bee Pollen – Not Some Crazy Claims!

I am sure many of you have heard of the benefits of bee pollen and all, but finding the right supplement is beneficial to ensure you get the best of this popular natural substance.

If your supplier does not have a pure source for their pollen then you will certainly not reap the many benefits associated with this substance.

I have found that New Zealand is a great source for bee pollen due to the pristine nature of this small island in the South West Pacific Ocean. It is believed that air borne pollution can have a substantial effect on the quality of the pollen and the source of the pollen in New Zealand is away from any industrialization, so you can be sure of the purity of the substance.

Be careful of suppliers that get their pollen from Europe or China as there could be a strong possibility that the supply is contaminated as these nations do not have the same pollution controls that New Zealand has.

The Benefits of Bee Pollen

Do a search on the internet and you will find many different claims as to what you can expect from taking this natural substance, whether it be in granule form or in a natural supplement.

Some of these claims do sound rather ridiculous though. Let’s face it, there is no such thing as a miracle cure, a miracle supplement or magic elixir.

Anything that is full of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, fatty acids, amino acids and carbohydrates should provide some health benefits.

But here is what it can do for you. It can give a much needed boost of energy, especially during the afternoon, when many of us are so susceptible to the afternoon doldrums.

Far too many people turn to caffeinated beverages or sugar laden snacks to help us through the afternoon. A good bee pollen supplement is a much healthier option and it doesn’t leave you with the jitters like caffeine does.

Another benefit that this natural substance provides is that it can speed up the metabolism in some people that take it regularly. This helps to burn more fat, so if you are in a weight loss program then this natural supplement would be a good addition to your routine. In addition, it can also act as an appetite suppressant too.

In conclusion, there is no such thing as a miracle drug or supplement, but the benefits of bee pollen certainly make it one of the most popular and effective natural substances available.

Organic Bee Pollen Granules

Bee pollen is one of the most nutritious substances in the world and is known for its many health-bolstering benefits. It is no surprise that organic bee pollen granules are any different in its effects. It is not only harvested in an area that is free from pollution, and in large part, minimal population, so that bee pollen granules can offer the consumer the best quality product with the highest content of nutritional ingredients.

Bee pollen is known to man as the perfect food as it contains all of the vitamins known to man as well as many trace minerals, essential fatty acids, as well as that elusive B 12 vitamin. Even that is a component of bee pollen granules that is responsible for boosting energy levels in a human body.

Organic bee pollen granules can be best defined as the pollen collected by bees as they go from flower to flower collecting this precious dust and whisk it back to the hive. As the bees enter the hive to offer the pollen to the colony, scientifically designed pollen traps gently brush off sixty percent of the pollen that the bee is carrying. Organic bee pollen granules are created in this very way with the exception that after the worker bees collect the pollen, it is then injected with a special enzyme blend and that combined with the nectar from the flowers on the bee’s body and legs, creates an organic bee pollen granule.

All of this process is done in an atmosphere that is completely free of fertilizers and pesticides as well as away from pollution and population. It is essential that organic bee pollen granules are harvested in such a way to ensure a high quality product.

Once the bee gets its share of pollen in the hive, the bees that work inside the hive process it and make food for the colony as well as other products. One of the derivatives of the bee pollen product is called Propolis and it is used to provide a sterilization effect inside the hive before the queen lays eggs.

Bee pollen Propolis is shown to have many antibacterial effects and like organic bee pollen granules, is a high quality product. The bees in the hive can naturally preserve and maintain the freshness of the bee pollen and products they make in the hive by lowering the moisture content. It is by this process that organic bee pollen granules are produced completely free of chemicals, harvested in a clean environment, and retaining its nutrition value to the consumer.

Brosia Bee Pollen: What Makes It Different?

Are you frustrated by all the different brands of pollen on the market today?

It makes it difficult for those who want to try pollen but cannot seem to nail down one particular brand that they would like to try.

Have you ever tried brosia bee pollen? There are several brands out there today, and it’s important to know why they are beneficial and why they may not be.

About Brosia Pollen

Like many brands of pollen, this brosia pollen is actually a brand known as Ambrosia.

The word “Ambrosia” is actually taken from the Greek culture and refers to what many call “the nectar of the gods”. Many of us refer to our morning coffee as the nectar of the gods but for many they are referring to pollen as their nectar of the gods because it is loaded with vitamins and minerals and is beneficial for many different things including overall good health, weight management, relief from arthritis symptoms, asthma, allergies, and much more.

What Brosia Pollen Claims to do for You

If you have checked out this Brosia pollen then no doubt you have seen the list of benefits that you can get from using it including: energy and stamina, increasing muscle growth and definition, building the immune system, high levels of antioxidants, enhancing your sexual performance, smoothing wrinkles and more.

This isn’t an unusual claim really when it comes to pollen, because many refer to these same benefits when they sell their pollen online or in the store.

Where Brosia Pollen Comes From

The biggest question that needs to be answered on pollen is where it comes from. Where pollen is gathered has a great effect on how clean it is. Brosia pollen gets its name from its golden honey color, but this pollen comes from various places all around the world. Typically this pollen is gathered from wildflowers only, which is why science attributes the rich golden color to this pollen which many apiaries use to make honey.

The challenge is when you heard that this pollen is coming from an organic bee farm.

Pollen is something that you can’t peg as completely organic even if an apiary is on an organic bee farm. Why? Bees can travel several hundred miles in order to gather their pollen, which means that they could very well travel to a completely polluted area to gather their pollen.

They might be picky about what flowers they choose to gather from, but they can travel anywhere outside the farm to gather it up. This means that the pollen can be tainted as a result of the use of pesticides or in some cases air pollution if it’s near a highly industrial area.

In conclusion, remember that pollen is generally good for you, and there are many brands on the market that all claim to be the best one.

Before you buy your pollen be sure that you know more about where it comes from, because any high industry areas can subject your pollen to pollution.