The Truth Behind The Myth – Bee Pollen Benefits

People have extolled bee pollen benefits for centuries. There is actual historical evidence that bee pollen was used in the days of Pythagoras and Hippocrates. Imagine Hippocrates the “Father of Medicine” actually used the pollen as well as prescribe it for his patients. There is also evidence that the ancient Egyptians also used this “Super Food”. As the name implies it comes from little old “honey bees”, but what makes this nectar so special is the question on everyone’s mind. Bee Pollen benefits include antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal properties. How do these little insects produce a product that can accomplish so much?

It starts with Pollination

The busy little bee is what keeps the flowering plants of this planet blooming. Flowering plants are hermaphrodites, which only mean that it’s an organism that has reproductive organs associated with both male and female sexes. In flowers this is the stamen and the pistil. Pollen is formed by the Stamen which is the male part of the plant reproductive system. The Bee gathers the nectar from the flowers and also gets the pollen on its body as it flies from flower to flower the pollen is distributed onto the pistil, where it then germinates resulting in fertilization. The result will be a seed with the genetic coding of both parent plants. This simple act makes the Bee one of the most important insects on the planet. Consider this 13% of all the food we consume would disappear without those little workers doing their thing.

The relationship is twofold they distribute pollen in exchange for a share in the product. The bees form little pollen basket, that they attach to their rear legs, to take their harvest back home in. Bees are also very smart a single hive will only use pollen collected from one plant source in the area. The pollen is everything to the bee. It is its source of nutrition and it also gives them the staple needed to build those magnificent hives.

Bee pollen benefits the bees first and foremost. Pollen is their food and build material source. To gather a single gram of pollen a bee will have to make over 50 trips to the flowers. This takes and enormous amount of energy and the pollen itself provides them with the energy necessary to carry out their tasks.

The bee pollen benefits for mankind are amazing and numerous. It is being used for everything from cancer treatments to weight loss. It is believed that the nutritive properties of bee pollen also will benefit humans as a stress reliever, an auto-immune booster and even a product to increase a waning libido. The amino acid in bee pollen benefits those struggling to lose weight by increasing the metabolic fat burning rate and it is also a natural appetite suppressor.

We recommend that you not only try natures “super food” for yourself but that you also learn more about it. You can do both online. Get busy as a bee and see what bee pollen can do to improve your health and overall sense of well being.